Student Visit to Lister Hospital - September 2017

Lister Hospital Maternity Unit hosted a visit by one of our students who wants to be a midwife when she leaves school.


This visit is all part of our programme of raising aspirations.  Our young student was hugely enthusiastic and wants to pursue this as a career.

A huge thank you to Jane Shipley from E.L.S.A for organising, and to Louise from the Lister Hospital for giving up 2 hours of her precious time to show us around.


Sailing Trip with the Cirdan Trust 10 – 16th October 2016

The students of SESC have been amazingly fortunate in having been awarded a grant which has allowed them to go on a sailing expedition with the Cirdan Sailing Trust. Students travelled to Portsmouth to meet the ship on Monday 10thOctober and spent the next 7 days sailing around the south coast of England.



All students assisted in sailing the boat as part of a watch.  They helped with feeding everyone and keeping the boat shipshape and in good order to work effectively.


Before the trip, students worked with Miss Baxter and Miss Lake to plan the menu and activities for spare time.  They have even helped with the budget for the food and cleaning supplies.


This was a very exciting opportunity for our students and we are extremely grateful for the Cirdan Trust for making this possible; it is a once in a lifetime chance with many skills to be learned.  Students completed a unit for the Prince’s Trust during the voyage as well as gaining a national governing body award for yachting.

Day 1 - Monday 10th October

Nine of our students helped pack up the minibus before setting off for Portsmouth to meet the boat. By 4pm they had arrived and loaded the ship ready for their adventure.

9:00 - In good spirits packing the minibus. 




16:00 - Arrived at the boat and all ready to go!

Sunset on Day 1



Day Two - Tuesday 11th October 2016

Our students had a good first night and a hearty breakfast of sausages, scrambled eggs waffles and spaghetti hoops. Then they carried out various jobs on the boat.


Scrubbing the decks and steering the ship!

Day Three - Wednesday 12th October 2016

This morning students sailed down to the Isle of Wight.  We were able to track their progress using the Boat Watch app.

Day Four - Thursday 13th October 2016

Pupils explored on land on the west coast of the Isle of Wight. Keeping the boat 'ship shape' also features on the list of activities keeping pupils occupied on their trip!



Day Five - Friday 14th October 2016

Pupils sailed back round the north west coast of the Isle of Wight and headed towards Southampton.


Day Six -Saturday 15th October 2016

Nearing the end of their week long trip, pupils returned to Portsmouth.


Day Seven - Sunday 16th October 2016

Pupils assisted in cleaning and clearing the boat and loading the minibus before returning home.