KS3 Team Building Morning

On Tuesday 4th June, our KS3 students visited woodland in Welwyn for a morning of teambuilding activities and campfire food. Students worked together to create a campfire, collecting firewood from their local surroundings. They cooked hotdogs over the campfire for lunch followed by toasted marshmallows for dessert. They rounded off their morning getting physical climbing trees and taking turns on the rope swing.

Building Fire - WEBSITE

Partnership working with  E.L.S.A and Waitrose - Every Bite Counts

On 8th May KS3 students were visited by E.LS.A and Waitrose partners for a day of activities. Students were split into 3 groups and each group tasked with designing a breakfast item which will be included in the Waitrose staff canteen. Each group had to create an item, price it up and design a flyer, tweet and newspaper article about their item. Finally, they presented their item to the whole group. The items they created were a cupcake, pancake and create your own muffin. Students will be visiting Waitrose to taste the 3 breakfast items once they are on sale in the staff canteen.


Science Week - March 2019 - KS3 Water Challenge

Lucie and Sandra from Morrisons Utility Services came in for a  morning and carried out a Water Challenge with our KS3 students, which was great fun - especially for our more competitive students and staff!  Well done to Lewis and Mackenzie for their success with the marble run activity!