Year 10 End of Year Trip

As an End of Term reward for our Year 10s hard work, they spent the day on a variety of activities.  Students participated in Go Karting and Laser Tag in Letchworth, and were treated to a pizza lunch.



Haydn's work on a Pythagorean Stack.










Aaron made a 'Ratio Simplification Loop'.




Representation of the Tree of Life (pictured right)

Based on artist Paul Klee's (1879-1940) lessons and reflections about Art and the Artist and using the Tate Modern's Tree of Live passages and the work of Cecil Collins as references, Year 10 student Ella has produced a Mixed Media on Canvas, representing a solid tree against a semi-nocturnal sky.




Photo on 25-02-2019 at 13.08 2




A reflection on the concept of Space, Ella wanted to make a connection with the idea of "black Holes" and how could that influence your thoughts (pictured left).



Cooking Lessons


Students attending our Wednesday programme have recently made 'sticky chicken bites'. They thoroughly enjoyed following this recipe and this is one of our students food ready to serve. Great presentation!