We are a pupil referral unit for pupils in school years 7 - 11 at risk of or permanently excluded from school – all of the pupils educated here arrive with some barriers to learning.


On entry all pupils undertake 3 x 2 hours of assessment over three days. They are assessed in reading, spelling, numeracy, writing, self-esteem, Science, Art and we use COPS to ascertain their cognitive skills. Following these assessments all pupils then follow an individualised learning plan matched to their needs and abilities within a small group of maximum 6 students taught by specialist subject staff and supported by a teaching assistant in most lessons. In the afternoons all students in KS3 are brought together for group activities to enable them to keep in touch with working in the larger group.


Part of the Centre’s admission arrangements is a home visit which is undertaken with all new starters.  Appropriate intervention is identified and referrals made to outside agencies as appropriate. Regular meetings and communication is made with parents and other interested parties and a full school report is sent home every half term.


The Centre has an open door policy and welcomes visits and comments from parents. Every half term we host a family occasion which provides an opportunity for parents/carers to look through their child’s work, meet with their teachers and to meet socially with other parents.


As we are a short stay education provision we are always looking at what is the next appropriate educational placement for our pupils. If appropriate we will support an application for an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and support the transition in to the next school. Parents/carers are included in all areas of discussion about which school their child will attend next.


All of our teachers are highly trained practitioners who care passionately about all our pupils. We offer a range of national curriculum subjects taught by subject specialists.


For more information visit Hertfordshire County Councils SEN Local Offer page