Back On Track

Please note, our Back on Track service is not currently running due to Covid-19

What is Back on Track?

An extension of The Stevenage ESC Outreach Programme.


Who is it for?

KS3 pupils at risk of exclusion from Stevenage Secondary Schools.


Service Model

  • High Quality Education Provision in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Comprehensive Assessments.
  • Provision away from the Mainstream School on a fixed term basis.
  • Opportunity for pupils to get 'back on track' through PHSE and Social Skills Curriculum.
  • The facilitation of pupil work provided by the School.


Key Outcomes:

  • Progress in Learning
  • Social Skills Gained/Improved
  • Increased Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Schools gain empowerment to review its support strategies for the pupils.



Donna Bruce - Back on Track Co-ordinator


Stevenage Education Support Centre, Collenswood Road, Stevenage,, Hertfordshire, SG2 9HQ

Tel: 01438 369119

Cooking for Life

Students who attend the Back on Track group at SESC will develop:

  • knowledge of hygiene in the kitchen
  • cooking skills in various areas enabling them to succeed in completing a range of savoury and sweet dishes
  • presentation of a completed dish
  • knowledge of different foods around the world
  • confidence in following a written recipe
  • understanding of safety working in the kitchen
  • understanding condiments, seasoning, pickles, snacks
  • cooking terminology
  • knowledge of different ingredients
  • awareness of various cooking techniques



Students who attend the Back on Track group at SESC will develop knowledge of:

  • what they know about alcohol
  • what are the long term effects of excessive alcohol drinking
  • what bullying is
  • why people bully others
  • what effect bullying has on the people involved
  • who bullying really hurts
  • how we can stop bullying
  • whether there are benefits to taking drugs
  • the dangers of posting selfies onto the internet
  • safety when making friends online
  • what to do if we see something we don’t like online


Social Development (SD)

Students who attend the Back on Track group at SESC will:

  • learn about the consequences of truancy
  • be enabled to focus on the subject of emotions more easily
  • be enabled to learn about the stories and experiences of others
  • develop self-awareness, motivation, empathy, social skills and management of feelings
  • learn about the causes and myths of domestic violence
  • look at the different forms of abuse
  • be enabled to talk about people, events, thoughts, hopes and dreams
  • be enabled to increase their knowledge around sex and sexuality
  • be enabled to develop communication, self-esteem and friendship skills
  • be enabled to discuss, sometimes difficult, issues
  • be enabled to talk about individual feelings