Respite Provision

Schools may refer to the ESC for a respite placement but these are only available when space permits. This placement is intended to allow all parties to have a breathing space and for there to be thinking time to plan for the pupil's return and to determine how the pupil can best be supported on their return.

Referrals should be discussed with Centre Outreach Staff, all of whom are subject teachers at the ESC, before the referral is made as they will be aware of the Centre pupils numbers.

Pupils taken in on this programme follow the same timetable and a similar admission process as pupils on the full time programme, except that they are expected to return to the referring school following a half term period at the Centre.

The reintegration process for pupils returning to school is agreed with Centre staff and the ESC will also share its assessment information with the school and offer advice and strategies as to how the child can be best supported.