Transition Support

It has been identified that a number of year 6 Primary school pupils may have issues for a range of reasons with the move into Secondary school provision.  In order to assist these pupils with their transition into their new school the ESC staff have developed a transition programme which can be delivered by ESC and school staff.


The programme, which is delivered by a specific transition worker, is delivered to small groups of pupils in year 6.  These pupils will have been identified by their schools as having potential difficulties in settling into their new school.  The programme covers a range of issues for example organisation, making friends, following the rules, etc.  In preparation for the move an additional visit to the new school is also arranged for a date in June prior to the whole cross-Stevenage visit at the beginning of July.


The programme includes introductory sessions for parents which take place at the beginning of the programme.


The Transition Support Workers can be contacted direct by email on:


We are delighted to have recently received some lovely feedback from a mother of one of the pupils who has been on the transition programme:


"Good afternoon,

Just writing a quick email to say a big thank you to you all.

My daughter was offered a place by her school for the transition programme, when she was starting year 6.

Your program helped her so much; my husband and I can see such a huge difference in her.  She is incredibly happy at her school and a lot more confident as well.  You took away her worries and fears about moving to secondary school, although me, as a parent, was always talking to her about it, it's always nice to talk to someone outside the family circle.

She is now happily taking the bus to school, although this is only her second week, and for someone who didn't even want to go across the road, to the shop, by herself, is lovely to see how confident she is now.

For now I'm walking her to the bus stop, but was given strict instructions to stand across the road, so I have a feeling my services won't be needed for much longer.

Thank you so much for all you have done and I am very sure you will keep on helping many kids to make a nice and swift transition to their new school.

From a very grateful mother,

Very best regards."