Pupil Work

Black Lives Matter

Following the recent Black Lives Matter campaign, KS3 students have had discussions produced some work about this topic.  Well done to Amy and Riley for their work on this topic, which we will be continuing to focus on in the coming weeks.

Black Lives Matter

E-Safety in KS3 PSHCE

KS3 students have completed some work on e-safety in PSHCE lessons this half term.  They talked about how children and young people can stay safe online and designed posters.

esafety poster 2
esafety poster 1

Celebrating Student Success

We are delighted that one of our KS3 students recently passed his Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene.

This is after weeks of planning, preparation and work with our onsite Chef, Mr Rahim-Christensen.  This is something that many more of our students are working towards.  This will give our students the knowledge and understanding to take into employment.

Congratulations Carm!


Multi Schools Council

Stevenage Education Support Centre has formed part of a Multi Schools Council. It is currently made of ourselves, Barnwell Secondary School, Lonsdale School, Greenside School and The Leys School. It is a growing project, with the end goal to incorporate schools across Hertfordshire.

The Multi Schools Council is designed to break down the perceptions around special needs and mental health difficulties, having students work alongside each other in situations that they wouldn’t normally encounter.  All students work collaboratively on projects and these regular meetings prove to be a good way to start breaking down negative perceptions.

As part of the council, in November 2018 the students worked on a joint enterprise to organise an inclusive events day. The project in place at the moment, which began in March 2019, is to put together a book about a student and the challenges they face in school life. This book will be edited, illustrated and published.

In July this year the students are taking part in ‘Bake Off’ which is taking part on the Barnwell site. Students from each school will bake a cake or a number of smaller cakes and they will be taken to Barnwell, where students from across all the schools will taste test and a winner of the best tasting cake will be announced.



In English KS3 students have been working on their descriptive writing techniques to create a story. We have introduced our characters in these pieces and we will be working on the introduction next.

Examples of their recent work:

Aim:  To be able to develop a character and story using show not tell techniques 26/06/19

Dylan Martin was once tall and lanky but this was a whole century ago. Dylan has blue, slimy scaly skin. He has a gigantic nose with a humongous triangle head the people think he’s a small mean monster. However, he’s a harmless little monster. He also has snake hair long, harmless snakes but people are all ways mean to him, no one understand him. His eyes are as brown as dark chocolate and square. He has no girlfriend which make him lonelier than a singer packed pencil and no job he wishes he had money. He dreams he had a loud and fast motorbike.

Aim: To be able to describe a character using show not tell techniques

Nessie is always mistaken for a mythological beast but it is very real. Its scales are as green as the monstrous swamp trees it lies beneath, its eyes are big and black like the murky waters he lives in. He’s over a hundred feet tall and doesn’t stop for anything.

Some of our KS3 students have taken part in a writing competition this half term. The students were given a small brief of writing a 100 word story based on ‘mission chaos’.  For more information about this national competition, please see the Young Writers website. The closing date for submissions is 19th July.  Goodluck to Chloe and Cayden!

War Time by ChloeThe machines marched; the war had begun. I could feel my heart pumping out my chest. All I could hear were screams and bangs. I hid nervously waiting to be found.
I counted in my head between each bang to see if the bombs were coming closer or further away. Firstly, they were coming closer then suddenly it went dreadfully quiet. I felt a tear roll off my cheek in anticipation of being found. I waited, it seemed like hours but was only mere minutes, I heard cheers of celebrations, was it the end or just the beginning…

Mission Chaos by CaydenI sprinted towards the bunker the guns still blazing, bombs blew I feared for my life. I cried wishing the bunker door would open. Then suddenly the door rose they shouted, “Hi get in”.
I went inside the bunker they whispered “Are you hungry?”
“Yes, starving” I tearfully replied.
The next morning, belly full, they told me I have to go to war, I cried and I asked why. They said we brought you in so you have to go to war for us. You only need to try and win but if you can’t win, then die.

Partnership working with  E.L.S.A and Waitrose – Every Bite Counts

On 8th May KS3 students were visited by E.LS.A and Waitrose partners for a day of activities. Students were split into 3 groups and each group tasked with designing a breakfast item which will be included in the Waitrose staff canteen. Each group had to create an item, price it up and design a flyer, tweet and newspaper article about their item. Finally, they presented their item to the whole group. The items they created were a cupcake, pancake and create your own muffin. Students will be visiting Waitrose to taste the 3 breakfast items once they are on sale in the staff canteen.

This was followed up with a visit on Wednesday 12th June, as described by Year 9 Student, Chloe, below:

“On Wednesday 12th June we went to Waitrose in the Old Town to try our food creations we created with Jane, Zoë from Elsa and Nadine, Steve Rachael and Jel.  At the start we went upstairs to try our creations. The creations look so scrumdillyumptious and the M&C’s gluten free sensation was one of the best muffins I have ever tried. After everyone ate their creation we went on a tour round the shop and behind the scenes.  My favourite parts of the tour was when we went into the freezer, when we went into one of the offices and one of the workers was looking for the locker keys and couldn’t find them.  I said they would be in the most obvious place like a mug with loads of pencils so we looked and they were there. I also liked playing the pool table near to the end of our trip.”

KS3 Art work based on the work of Kandinsky

Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) was a Russian painter and art theorist. Kandinsky is generally credited as the pioneer of abstract art. Born in Moscow, Kandinsky spent his childhood in Odessa, where he graduated at Grekov Odessa Art school.

Picture 1:  Acrylic and oil on canvas representing a landscape using geometric shapes based on Kandinsky’s work – by KS3 Student Rosie.

Picture 2:  Mixed media on canvas, based on the overlaid works on Kandinsky’s pieces, the repetition of pattern based on the music created by composers like Debussy, our student has presented a strong neutral background with a graphic drawing using pen to keep the strong line effect – by KS3 student Tommy.

KS3 Team Building Morning

On Tuesday 4th June, our KS3 students visited woodland in Welwyn for a morning of teambuilding activities and campfire food. Students worked together to create a campfire, collecting firewood from their local surroundings. They cooked hotdogs over the campfire for lunch followed by toasted marshmallows for dessert. They rounded off their morning getting physical climbing trees and taking turns on the rope swing.

Building Fire - WEBSITE

Science Week – March 2019 – KS3 Water Challenge

Lucie and Sandra from Morrisons Utility Services came in for a  morning and carried out a Water Challenge with our KS3 students, which was great fun – especially for our more competitive students and staff!  Well done to Lewis and Mackenzie for their success with the marble run activity!